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 Story of my fun

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PostSubject: Story of my fun   Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:55 pm

My funniest thing I ever saw was:

When I went to a park where there is a ferris wheel, I and my friends went to the "Rio Grande", where there is a river. One of them said "Who will get JACKPOT?!". I asked "Huh? Jackpot? What kind of jackpot are you talking about?". He said "The one who will get wet more uncomfortably! bom". I just "Question  Exclamation".

(Also, the Rio Grande was quite popular there. The line there was FRIGGING LONG like a restaurant giving burgers for free!)

Anyway, when we reached the end of the line, we finally sighed and one of them said "Good Luck to be wet!". They went first, and we waited. There was a car-like car (lol!) appearing on the river. We jumped down there (Actually, not jumping xD. It was going there lol!). We wore seatbelts, as usual, then the car has gotten move!

(BTW, there are 7 seats there. My friends are 4 there. The rest are... Unknown Peeps.)

While the car is moving, we were shouting like the end of the world. When it almost reaches the slide, my friend said "FUUUUU!!! I WANNA DIE xD". We slided then bumped against the wall. The water spitted us, but one of my friends got a JACKPOT!. It happened over and over until one of them got RAGE! He said "NOOOO! MY SHOES ALSO GOT WET xD!". We can't stop laughing, even the unknown peeps.. After that part, we were completely wet.

Dude, that part made me lol!!

(To any one who are Filipinos: That park was Enchanted Kingdom!)
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PostSubject: Re: Story of my fun   Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:03 am

Actually, It more looks like a big log, rather than a "car-like-car".
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Story of my fun
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